Adakplast at a glance

Adak Plast, with the support of long experience in the industry of producing profiles for photo frames, inscriptions, curtains and cornices, using modern technology and know-how, as the first and the largest producer with the aim of providing part of the needs of this industry in the country, increasing customer satisfaction , timely delivery of goods and reputation in the domestic and foreign markets, to be a pioneer and innovator in this industry.

producer of more than 100 types of profiles photo frames

Adakplast with the help of skilled designers and by using high-quality PVC raw materials as well as up-to-date devices, has been able to make a major contribution to own the market of Iran and neighboring countries

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قاب عکس - آداک پلاست
کتیبه پرده - آداک پلاست

Very beautiful and modern inscriptions

Great variety in design and color, with elegance and Quality has distinguished Adakplast from others.

More than 60 curtain inscription models for different tastes

The first and largest manufacturer of cornices in Iran

Producer of 9 cm cornices with different thicknesses and various colors with first class quality.

Ask for quality and beautiful design from Adakplast. strong>

قرنیز PVC
قرنیز - آداک پلاست
قرنیز - آداک پلاست